68% Have Favorable Opinion of President Obama

MSNBC reports that polling has started out favorable for President Obama. 68% of those surveyed have a faborable opinion of President Obama and 67% feel "more hopeful" about his leadership. 60% approve of his job.
In the survey, 68 percent have a favorable opinion of the president, including 47 percent whose opinion is "very positive" - both all-time highs for Obama in the poll. Moreover, 67 percent say they feel more hopeful about his leadership and 60 percent approve of his job in the White House.

Yet the percentage of Americans who are confident that Obama has the right goals and policies for the country - 54 percent - is slightly smaller, suggesting that the president is more popular than his policies are. An example: 57 percent tend to support the stimulus, compared with 34 percent who tend to oppose it.
The country knows that Barack Obama inherited the financial problems when he took office so he will probably get a long pass before they started blaming him for not fixing them. He won't get a pass forever but it could last an entire year according to the survey. 84% of those surveyed say this is an economy Obama inherited, and over 66% believe he has at least a year before he's responsible for it.

Republican pollster Bill McInturff told MNSBC that Obama has a "long leash." McInturff says, "It normally doesn't last that long. But believe me, that's a good place to start."

Posted on March 5, 2009

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